How to choose your photography style?

If you have never thought about your wedding photography style, no problem, you are not the only one! We bet that most couples don’t understand what number of various styles of wedding photography really exist. But just like you need to know your wedding style before you can start picking out flowers or decor, you need to know what photography style(s) you love before you can start looking at photographers. We’ve really got an easiest way to figure out which wedding photography style is ideal for you!

Wedding Photography Styles

Fine Art

Fine art wedding photographers are effectively making art while catching the story of your day. Each minute can possibly transform into a photo that could be a standalone piece in an art gallery.


A traditional photographer appreciates the staples of a wedding and will capture them for you with art and grace. You can expect a modern take on the posed photos in your grandparents’ wedding album. Traditional wedding photographers typically focus on capturing the details that are important to you, including family photos, décor, and other images that you might have on your shot list.


If you love the look of photography in magazines like Vogue India, NOTCH, and Verve, then you might like your wedding to be photographed with a similar feel. Editorial allows photographers to shoot creatively and over the top. While you won’t find candid moments in this style of photography, everything about the editorial look is dramatic, edgy, and sexy.


Think of this style as more of a personality trait rather than a look. If you and your soon-to-be love to travel and explore and are looking for someone who will follow you wherever your wanderlust takes you, then finding a photographer who describes themselves as an adventurer is a must!

One important thing to know is that most photographers don’t just shoot one style. In fact, most photographers incorporate all of these styles into their work in some way or other. It makes it more fun for them and more interesting for their clients. So, keep that in mind when you start looking at portfolios!

Plan your photography style now!

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