4 Components of All Happy Marriages

  • Friendship

Friendship is a key characteristic of a happy and long-lasting marriage, as well as the foundation of a healthy marriage.

Living a lifetime with your best friend who is also your spouse is a beautiful thing. Having your spouse as a friend is a great way to enjoy your married life.

This part of friendship is essential, and it is especially powerful in a marriage. Each partner has the opportunity to express themselves authentically by allowing for true honesty.

This may occasionally lead to conflict, but because you have a compassionate friendship as a foundation, the conflict provides opportunities for growth. In short, you both grow as people.

  • Team work

Being on the same page is not always easy. Teamwork can be challenging because you are two different people from two different backgrounds coming with different thoughts, perspectives, and ideas.

A happy marriage rests on how much the couple work together as a team. Teamwork is needed in order for a family to function as a whole.

The value of teamwork in relationships is that it allows everyone involved to support one another. The more you support one another, the closer your bond will become.

  • Humility

Accepting the fact that you are not always correct and that others have something to offer is a sign of humility. This is a critical concept to understand in marriage and most other relationships.

Learning humility can help you understand your partner better and build a healthy, balanced relationship.

A lack of humility can lead to confusion and chaos. Humility shows to your partner that you care about them and value their needs and respect their thoughts.

In marriage both the husband and wife are equal and so is their voice and accepting that equality is all it takes for a happy marriage. Your spouse offers everything only for your good.

  • Put Your Spouse First

Happy marriages are the ones where each person is putting their partner’s needs first. When both are doing this, all needs are being met.

Putting your spouse first indicates, sharing new ideas with them, suggesting ideas, asking for feedback on ideas, before taking decision consulting with them and looking for win-win situations.

There is no individual life after marriage; it is about family and the fact that your spouse has been with you through thick and thin at all times, so they are the most important part of your life to be taken care of.


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