4 Reasons why marriage is beautiful and important

Marriage is fruitful. It is the most important thing in a person’s life and it is beautiful but why? Here are 4 reasons to feel and think about the beauty and the importance of Marriage.

1. Beginning of a lifelong commitment

Life in the world is not about staying rather it is  living, marriage life is the prime part of living your life. Wedding celebrations are a representation of the couple to enter into a lifelong commitment. Commitments are generally termed as basic criteria to be responsible in finishing a mission, but this commitment is not a mission for work rather a mission of lifelong love and happiness.

There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, but only lifelong happiness.

Weddings are a new beginning for the bride and bridegroom towards a lifelong commitment. These commitments are cherished when your wedding moments are framed by photographs.

2. Oneness – marriage mantra

Beauty of a wedding lies in oneness of the couple. Every religion proposes one common mantra during the wedding ceremony that is, “Through wedding two souls will join and will live as one soul” these mantras are not just for words rather they are the sanctity of wedding ceremony.

These ceremonies drive the couple to live in love and oneness. In the world of weddings one can reach the goal when they are together, that means two bodies, one soul, that is oneness of life and beauty.

3. Love

There are many reasons to live a beautiful wedding life, but one prominent thing holds the entire reason for living a happy marriage life is LOVE. Love is the most expensive thing in the world where no one can buy it rather it will be received without any expectations. Marriage is a happy event in everyone’s life when it is filled with love!

4. Support – reality

Marriage journey always starts with glitter and glamour but the journey continues on the reality they face. Reality is the ultimate truth in human life, but we generally don’t look up. In marriage life the reality teaches more lessons and more love, that happens when the couple supports each other. The lessons taught by reality to the wedded couple and that makes them more loved.

Life after marriage is all about the support each other has. The support of love, the support of togetherness, support of fighting and getting back defines the beauty and importance of marriage.

These 4 are most essential in building an effective and emotional and engaging marriage life. But these are effective, emotional, engaging when it is captured. Photography speaks more emotions and love when it is captured by a wedding photographer. Free it, enjoy it.


The takeaway from this article is marriage is a beautiful journey and it can be made beautiful by both the bride and bridegroom.

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