4 Reasons why timing is important in wedding photography

Timing is essential for a photographer, when it comes to weddings, minute details can make a difference. Everytime you admire a photograph there is a special hand (a wedding photographer) that has perfected the photograph. Timing is everything in wedding photography. Each moment is special in it’s own way.

  • Life does not wait

Some moments in life do not wait for anyone. In weddings emotions are instant and do not come back in time. Weddings give thousands of reasons to cherish in life. Those times of pleasure will stay only in memories and in photographs. Some moments may look like a simple moment, but seeing via camera lens makes it special and it creates a new story. Each moment is precious in a wedding.

  • Lighting Changes

When you’re outside, you’ll notice how quickly the light around you changes. Doing photoshoots is not an easy job. Sometimes it may be dark, sometimes may be bright, but some photographs will look good in dark conditions and some will look good in bright conditions. It depends on the photographers creativity and timing of the shots.

  • Every Frame is a different story

Nothing is static in weddings, Everything that happens in front of you changes with every frame.  When you find a moment you want to capture, click your shot quickly and immediately press the shutter. Sometimes you will only have a second to decide on your image. Once you miss the right moment, you lose the picture. Show through your photographs that life doesn’t stay still.

  • It’s all about candids

Some of the best shots that come out are not planned. In a wedding most photographs are unplanned and most of the beautiful photographs that are captured by the wedding photographer are not posed by the wedding couple. Only photographers  need to work i.e. wait for the perfect moment and click the photographs. Candids photographs are the most beautiful and expected photographs in any wedding.


Timing is everything is essential and your wedding photographs also need to be beautiful, so getting the best wedding photographer is important, Get in touch with Arun Prasad Photography best wedding photographer in chennai, who has experience in making many candid moments in many weddings.

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