5 Common Mistakes That Couples Need To Avoid

Marriage is a lifelong journey with your better half. The journey is about two people and not one, this is the main concept that one needs to understand. People make a mistake that’s normal. But some faults or misunderstandings can put your relationship in danger if you do it constantly and in long-term, especially as a married couple.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t make any mistake at all, but by being aware of the common errors that you or your future spouse potentially make in your upcoming marriage, you’ll learn from it and do better.

So, what are the common mistakes that every couple should avoid doing?

1.  Allowing others to interfere

Marriage is about 2 families coming together and becoming an extended family. Of course during a dispute it is good to have support to help you or your spouse to settle down the issues. But if they are making things complicated, it is never too late to stop seeking help.

Before you include people into your relationship, remember that you and your spouse need to set boundaries regarding external involvement. Life is now about you and your spouse. It is the important thing to consider as you both are only going to travel together for years to come.

2. Expecting the spouse to read your mind

Sometimes, married couples feel like they’ve known each other for a long time and by this time they expect their spouse should understand what they are thinking or how they are feeling without speaking it out loud. Actually this is a big mistake. Nobody is a mind reader either you or your spouse, only when you explain to your spouse they’ll be able to help you find the solution to the problem.

Expecting them to read the mind makes the problem more complex and it leads to long term fights among couples. Whatever maybe the problem, communicate openly with your spouse to solve it at the earliest.

3.Fighting to win

Everyone fights, but the fight is to find solutions to the existing problems and not increase the fight. Some couples simply fight to show their anger or frustrations towards each other.  When you’re married remember that you’re on the same team with your spouse. Therefore, his loss is yours as well, and vice versa.

4. Neglecting problems that need to be resolved

No matter how small, a married couple shouldn’t brush a problem under the rug and ignore it. Because when they do, usually it only builds up into a bigger problem that would eventually be harder to handle. As to be married couples or newlyweds, make sure you make the habit of solving a problem as soon as it arises. Only small neglected problems lead to big problems in the marriage in the future.

5. Making Decisions without consulting each other

In reality, lots of married couples make the mistake of not consulting their spouse when planning or deciding on things. Once you get married, you enter into a family lifestyle where each decision directly or indirectly affects your spouse also, so participating in the discussion and consulting each other helps to avoid problems.


These are the 5 common mistakes to avoid for every couple. Hope this helps for you and your spouse.

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