5 things to know as Newlyweds

For most couples, the first few years of marriage are the most challenging. Don’t expect your issues to go away just because you’re madly in love.

While everything seems thrilling and amazing when you’re first married, don’t allow the feelings overwhelm you. The first year as newlyweds requires a great deal of hard work and effort.

The time right away after your wedding is ideal for laying a foundation for the rest of your marriage. Your current choices and decisions will have an impact on how your marriage matures.

Here’s something that can help you;

  • Create an Environment at Home

It is important that you as a couple establish an ideal environment in which you both love spending time together. It’s all about how much time you spend together. Make your house feel like home, not like a hotel or a workplace where you’re just passing through without spending time.

  • Don’t put pressure on yourselves

Not every day in a marriage will be good.  It’s very natural to disagree or have misunderstandings, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint, as the old saying goes.

Such scenarios can make you wonder if you have a successful marriage or if you are doing everything correctly.

Accepting that some things aren’t perfect and that you can’t learn everything in one day is a good thing. Marriage is a process that requires patience.

  • Practice Gratitude

Thank you’ These are two simple words with a great deal of meaning.It’s a way of expressing your gratitude for your partner’s efforts. Marriages might take a long time to work because a husband or wife has high expectations.

Instead of comparing your marriage to others’, practise appreciation and be grateful for your partner. Instead than focusing on the negative aspects, emphasize the positive aspects.

  • Start Teaming up

Post marriage, you and your spouse are one team and keep every decision within your team (between you both).

Now, you have each other and this is permanent and whenever any decision is being taken. Sometimes it will be hard to arrive at a mutual decision, but it is the best part of having a partner by your side, you will never lose in any decision you take.

  • Hold Your Emotions

Disagreement is common for newlyweds as you both are starting a new life, each of you will have different perspectives for different things, it will clash and lead to misunderstandings.

You need to understand that, People you care about can easily trigger your emotions. So, anytime you’re with your loved ones, control your emotions. Everything they do is out of care for their loved one.


Newlywed life can be a happy but confusing start, but as the years pass, you will understand how lucky you are. That’s the beauty of marriage.

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