5 Things your wedding planning list should have

When planning your wedding it is important to keep track of the many little bits and pieces. Some things need to be given more priority but are often not taken into the priority list. Even the best wedding planning can overlook a few items until the last moment, when it may be too late. It is best to include it while making a checklist:

  • Costume Design

Wedding costumes are the first priority while planning a wedding, of course shopping is there, but many people will have their own expectation for their costumes. It is important to choose the designs whenever you find time and make a list of designs that might be compatible for you. Scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, bridal magazines, and browse your favorite lifestyle and fashion sites for inspiration. While planning you might not get time to choose a design or you will forget to choose a design, only when you are ready for shopping, it will come up. It is better that you pick your designs and keep it ready, even if your shopping date is not anywhere near. It’s your wedding, your special day you need to look good, choose your design, get your expected costume and brighten your day.

  • Wedding Invite list

The next essential on your wedding plan is the guest list, who are the people whom you are going to invite for your wedding. You can know few people, or you can know many people, it is always best to make a list of names to invite and this way you will not miss out on any people. Weddings are a happy occasion and your near and dear ones will want to share the happiness with you, so leaving them out will not be nice. Sit down and make a list, even if it takes hours and keep checking often if you have missed some names. Sometimes there may be a missed out name, that can’t be changed, but surely while cross checking you will get their names.

  • Wedding Place

Decide whether to have separate locations for the ceremony and the reception, factoring in travel time between the two venues. Before deciding on the venue, lock a date, once you book you will not be able to change the date and sometimes you will lose the money also. Find out the various venues in your locality or somewhere nearby where it fits your budget, and communicate everything correctly with the person in charge and how many guests can be allotted. Don’t depend on others referral for a place, if it gets booked, you will find yourself in trouble.

  • Photography

This is where most people fail, they never have the wedding photography on their wedding plan or depend on their friends who promise to click the wedding photographs and sometimes in the last moment they rush to find a wedding photographer. It is always a good idea to cross check with your friend for their availability and pay them an advance or if it’s a wedding photographer pay an advance to block the dates, this way you need not take much stress on you.

  • Accommodation

Accommodation for guests cannot be left out, there may be friends or relatives who stay up until the wedding. So it is advisable to get the information from the guests regarding their stay, because more often this happens in a wedding where some close friends or relatives are left without a proper accommodation. Decide whether you will accommodate them in the venue or some other place. If some other place then how will they commute to the venue or will you help out. Guests are travelling long distances for your wedding, sometimes miscommunication can create chaos in the wedding environment. Include this in your plan and spend time to get the information from them and plan it accordingly.


Well a wedding planning list is a big one, but these 5 things are important and tend to be forgotten at times. Plan ahead, Plan well.

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