6 Signs of Functional (Successful and Loving) Relationship

Functional relationships bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself. A healthy relationship does not have to be “perfect, “but the characteristics listed below are ones. This is something you should strive for in your relationship.

  • Respect

Mutual respect is the foundation of a happy and successful relationship. Everyone are respected for who he or she is.

People in healthy relationships speak to one another in ways that do not criticize, invalidate, or belittle one another. They value each other’s time and ideas just as much as they value their own.. They protect each other’s privacy.

  • Similar Expectations

Problems might emerge when a couple’s expectations are unrealistic or unreasonably one-sided. Expectations should be realistic; else, couples’ relationships would struggle.

  • Argue Regularly

One of the most significant differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships is not whether or not the couple fights, but how they fight.

Disagreements are normal, so if you’re not fighting, you’re probably holding back. When people in healthy relationships fight, they fight productively and fairly.

  • Joint Decisions

Another key characteristic of a healthy relationship is you don’t make all the decisions nor does your partner; you make decisions together and listen to each other’s opinions and desires.

  • Find Joy

Healthy relationships are full of laughter and fun. This doesn’t mean you are happy every hour of the day or it doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t frustrate you, but it means that your life together is mostly happy sometimes in simple and smallest ways. (Making dinner together, laughing at the same things, and so on.)

  • Let Things Go

Your partner will annoy you. You will annoy them, too. You will say things you don’t mean. What matters is how you handle all of this. Everyone makes mistakes, the person you love will understand and know it’s not intentional and let things go and look for the bright side.


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