Capturing Emotions through Lens

Wedding shoots are captured for storing the precious moments happening during your special day. Wedding photographers also have another special quality, they show you some of the emotional moments which happened during your wedding, which nobody would have noticed during the busy day.

Weddings are not only about smiles, and love but also about the beautiful emotions between the families.

Some of the emotions are not visible to eyes, as you are always running on that day to make things perfect. But these beautiful emotions cannot escape from the photographer lens. More than just capturing the emotions, we make it look beautiful by our magical touch.

 A photographer is a best storyteller, the wedding photographs tell the story. A picture is worth a thousand words, some emotions cannot be expressed in words.

We understand the client’s requirements and also get insights from them. The more comfortable you feel with us, the more the shots will be good and that is where those emotional moments happen.

Emotions such as a father kissing his daughter’s forehead, or a mother waving her goodbye to her daughter, or a father hugging his son or, the happy tears between the couple.These moments are very rare during a wedding and it is not easy to see it often, but these emotions are very important for the family to store.

Your wedding day might just last twelve hours but your photos will last a lifetime which is why it’s so important to make sure to hire a good photographer.


Arun Prasad Photography brand is all about capturing emotions and helping you store those moments for future generations.

Our team has the best wedding photographers who ensure that the photographs tell the story to others and your best emotions are captured to bring back the day whenever you see the photographs.

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