How Gen Z Is Doing Weddings Differently

For a long time, Generation Z has been the most powerful consumer demographic. “As a growing number of Gen Z couples begin to get married, we’re starting to see a new wave of trends when it comes to making a statement about themselves, such as incorporating cultural elements or a unique theme or color,

  1. Old Traditions Will Make Way For New Ones

According to a recent study, 87 percent of Generation Z said they would create wedding traditions. Around 24% saw themselves inventing entirely new wedding traditions for their weddings.

Among these new customs are their increased preference for digitalized wedding invitations (e-invites) and the growing number of wedding parties. Couples are now exploring their freedom to choose which traditions they want to keep – or not – in their wedding and approach to marriage, thanks to modern law.

  1. The Merging Of Cultures Will Become The Norm

Another noticeable difference is that Generation Zers are less concerned with their spouses having the same cultural, political, or religious background as them. Multicultural and multi-religious weddings are now welcomed and celebrated. In addition,

Studies found that 44 percent of participants planned to adopt traditions from more than one culture into their wedding. Couples also desire to avoid strict religious practices at their weddings.

  1. Less Is More For Generation Z

While Generation Z is more connected to social media and digital platforms, they are also more reserved on their wedding days. Wedding expenses for parents of Generation Z couples will be lower than for older consumers. When it comes to event details, Generation Z couples place more emphasis on the wedding details rather than the size.

The Generation Z couple is planning TikTok proposals, and live-streamed or backyard ceremonies are replacing extravagant proposals. It is no longer so much about the wedding ceremony for this generation. Instead, the emphasis has returned to marriage and two people’s commitment to each other.

  1. Photo Lovers

Gen Z is the social media generation with more time spent on the internet, and this generation is obsessed with love for photos.

They expect every event to be unique and make it a point to capture and store their memories.

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