How to build a Friendship with your Spouse ?

Being a best friend entails looking out for their best interests. It entails sticking by them through thick and thin.

It is having fun with each other, making each other laugh, and working and playing well together. A friendship with your spouse is essential for a long-lasting marriage.

Here’s how you can build a strong friendship with your spouse.

1. Explore each other’s interests

Willfully research and enthusiastically participate in the things that influence your spouse.  It may necessitate some sacrifice on your part, especially if it isn’t your cup of tea, but the end result is well worth it.

When you learn with a partner or discover something new with them, you form a bond. This strengthens your bond as a team, especially if you tackle something difficult or unfamiliar. And as you try new, fun things together, you’ll not only be drawing emotionally closer together, but you’ll also be creating special memories to look back on.

Finding out what your spouse likes and participating in that will build trust and affection among them and strengthen your friendship.

2. Celebrate each other’s differences

Accept and allow one another to be who they are without judgement.

A friendship exists with different minds coming together as a team, the same concept is applied over here also.

Instead of looking to change each other, accept the difference and build your friendship.

The best part here is two different minds think each in different ways and be able to solve problems in a quick way.

Your spouse’s difference will complete you.

3.Be gentle with each other

 Being best friends with your spouse involves nourishing and caring for each other. It is reassuring. A friendship cannot be built in a day or two, it takes time, so start working on your friendship. Spend time, be patient, understand what you both like or dislike. Overtime you’ll have a best friend for life.

Building a friendship with your spouse allows you to sympathise, empathise, and support one another during difficult times.

Help each other succeed. Prepare for possible problems.

4. Learn to fight fair

Neither marriage nor friendship is without flaws. Indeed, the healthiest friendships are those in which each person can be completely honest with the other. This may entail giving your friend “tough love” or confronting them with a difficult subject.

Such an interaction may be difficult, but you do it because you love and care about this person and their well-being.

Conflicts can be used to sharpen and purify your friendship.


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