How to narrate an unforgettable wedding story through wedding photography ?

In your life, sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot more than your destination. In the journey everybody wants to share their stories to the world. A photo is a powerful tool to share a story with your family, friends, and the world. A photo can speak in ways that words cannot do.

Yes, every best story is written in weddings and those wedding stories are narrated by wedding photographers who capture and recite in their style for you and make it a chronicle wedding story.

But how do they narrate stories through wedding photography?

Every wedding photographer has a different approach to photographing a wedding as their photography style differs. We at Arun Prasad Photography use documentary style of telling stories. Here are the ways of how it is achieved.

  • Getting Ready shots

As we are becoming a digital society day by day, we forget to enjoy some memorable moments. Getting ready shots is one such moment in a wedding. Because neither of you will be aware of what your love is doing in their preparations.

Shots of the bride while getting dolled up for the big day to a handsome groom suiting up in his wedding outfit introduces the story through getting ready shots.

  • Groom preparation shots

Groom preparation is an interesting part of a wedding ceremony. The royal men’s preparation adds more style. Family members like father or brother helping the groom with dressing these are all storytelling moments.

These stylish preparation shots will tell a story about the hero’s entry which is also the expected part in every story.

  • Bride preparation shots

Typically, the wedding day is perceived to be the Bride’s day. As everybody knows nothing can make a woman look beautiful like the glow on her wedding day. Brides always prefer getting the ready picture on their wedding day.

This is the last moment for a bride to spend with her father and mother as a single lady, these shots can give a treat to the eyes when scrolling the photographs after decades.

  • Wedding Ceremony

The most important part in a story is the wedding ceremony, the colors and tradition that symbolizes beauty and noble sentiments and the photographs captured at the wedding ceremony says more volume.

Emotions fill the air when the groom ties the knot or when the bride leaves with her husband after marriage.

We at Arun Prasad Photography capture every important moment that will help you remember everything that happens around you.

  • Freezing candid moments

Every story has emotions and that story gets recognized when emotions are clearly portrayed. Timing is the key! Because even before you realize it happens, the moment might have gone forever.

Wedding day is filled with such emotions. A wedding photographer can create a flow of emotions through candidness and can convey the wedding tale more romantically through his/her lens.

  • Pre wedding shoot

In this modern world a complete wedding photograph never starts without pre wedding shoots. On a note those pre wedding shoots create a great bonding to every couple. Pre wedding shoots are like trailers for the wedding story.

This is a relaxed photo session and has no wedding time constraints so it is a great idea to create some stunning memorable images.

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Yes, We at Arun Prasad Photography use this style to narrate an unforgettable story and if you want your wedding story to be sculpted and painted with emotion. Contact us to know about how to capture your wedding day today.

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