How Wedding Photography has evolved over the years?

Gone are the days of shy brides and grooms, wedding photography has moved on from its vintage and monochrome perspective to the vibrant pastures of candid photography and bold posers.

Wedding Photography is no more shooting of a bride and groom to store in an album. It has evolved its form into storytelling today photography has become an epitome of life stories.

Wedding photography has many dimensions to give a complete picture of the couple and the love that they are going to share for the rest of their lives.

Those days wedding photography had prepared templates of posing and procedure and those days photography is related to a kind of marriage essentials and a representation of families social status.

But today it has completely evolved its form and style. Starting with the development in cameras and lighting, every photograph conveys more meaning.

Wedding Photography has become a storytelling profession where stories of each couple are shown to the outer world. Today wedding photography has evolved into a two way process both the photographer and the clients benefit from it.

The era of candids and other photographic trends turned the world of wedding photography upside down. A gradual new-ness takes over the wedding photography industry.     

Apart from this, photography went in a different direction with social media turning into the greatest hit in everybody’s life. Social media became an essential part of wedding photography with wedding photography going beyond just photographs clicked on the day of the wedding.

Starting from Engagement photoshoot, pre wedding photoshoot, reception, wedding, post wedding photoshoot. It has become a full family event.

These formats of wedding photography have elevated the standard of wedding photography and the excitement and the amount of joy it produces after we see those photos in hand.

Those days it was for a formality but today it has reached the real essence of family bonding. It’s a celebration of the individuality of the couple and their near and dear ones.These days, couples like to reminisce about the exact atmosphere that was there on their big day. The popularity of candid wedding photographers in India has increased rapidly.


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