Latest Trends to Change the Future of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a profession that has been in there for decades, but recently there has been a huge demand for wedding photographers. Photography industry is always a silent industry but a valuable industry, now it is at its peak.

Gone are the days where people book wedding photographers for capturing weddings to record it just for an album. Now couples carefully research and select a wedding photographer who not only just offers wedding albums but also makes the couple’s photography session more creative, with the increasing number of social media users couples want good photographs of themselves.

They expect a best wedding photographer for their ceremonies, hence they take time to get one.

So it is not the same and it will keep on evolving over the years, here are some of the trends that are coming up in the near future of wedding photography:

  • Natural Photographs

Couples are opting to let go of traditional posed shots, and choose to go for real and wedding photos. They want their real emotions, smiles, laughter, happiness to be captured by the wedding photographer. These photographs are unfiltered emotions and candids. All the couples believe that these are the emotions that they want to have as a memory from their special, happy day.

  • Pre Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photoshoots are there, but now it has become a necessity as more couples believe it as a way of spending quality time together, some couples prefer to add it on wedding invitation also. It’s like an ice breaking session for everyone and some also expect pre wedding videography as the couples want to use this for wedding films too. Get ready to see some pre wedding films also.

  • Post Wedding Photography

Wedding day is a stressful and chaotic day not only for your family but also for you. Due to the wedding rituals, guests coming in and moving because of these reasons you may not be able to get the perfect wedding photographs.As a result, post wedding photography is gaining popularity with many wedding couples. They get time to get their best photographs without any chaos around them in their wedding attire.

  • Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies means nobody is allowed to use their phones, cameras or any electronic device at the wedding. This way the guests can be present in reality and enjoy those moments. This isn’t a major trend, but most weddings are becoming unplugged to enjoy the reality. This trend will make wedding photographers an important part of weddings.

  • Proposal Shoots

A proposal is the first step to a wedding and proposal shoot is one of the photography styles that have suddenly gained popularity. More and more couples are opting to hire wedding photographers to capture their proposal. They want to relish this moment also in the future. This trend is growing quickly in the industry and it will be in the future of wedding photography.


Well these are the latest trends that are being practiced in many weddings around the world. But it will become a normal practice in the coming days as the industry is evolving with the rising usage of social media presence. Hope you find this useful.

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