New Trends in Wedding Photography to look out for

Over the years, wedding photography has seen significant changes and continues in finding and following new trends.

In the age of social media, all we see are breathtaking bridal reels, exotic photo shoots, and larger-than-life photographs.

As a result, wedding photography today looks very different. Such shifts strongly signify that anything can happen at any time.

Here are a list of some latest trends in wedding photography and to look out for in the upcoming wedding season!!!

  1. Wedding highlights

The creation of highlight reels of wedding rituals ideal for social media is now recognised as the year’s trend. 

These videos are also an interesting way to connect with guests who were unable to attend your wedding and share memorable moments.

  1. Realistic video

One emerging trend is the use of realistic video edits with music overlays, authentic voices, and sound effects from the wedding day itself. 

Such elements contribute to your candid wedding film, which more couples are enjoying these days, as well as the raw element of the party and emotions.

  1. The “Twinning” photos

The new trend is that couples are obsessed with wearing colour coordinated outfits. They get their wedding dresses designed in a manner that they compliment each other.

  1. Pre / Post wedding shoot

The pre / post-wedding shoots are one of the most distinctive trends in wedding photography. In weddings, photographs are captured before or during the ceremonies.

However, in 2022, pre / post-wedding shoots have grown in popularity. 

The pre wedding shoot is the first set of photos that a couple gets for their wedding albums and pre wedding shoots are planned with exquisite locations, sequences that create a magic set of photographs that sets the stage for the wedding.

After the wedding festivities have concluded, the bride and groom take some time to have some beautiful photographs taken.

These photographs are essential as they display how much work goes into a wedding. These are lovely moments that should be treasured as well.

  1. Vidai Sequence

The bride’s vidai is without a doubt the most emotional moment in the wedding. It is the most sensitive time for the bride and her father. 

There is no love in the world like a father’s love for his young daughter. 

Photographs of father and daughter should always be kept in the album, and as the years pass and you look at the photo, nostalgia floods your heart.


Every moment becomes a story when passed through a photographer’s lens. These are some of the trends that are going to change wedding photography.

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