Popular Wedding Trends- 2021: Capturing Every Moment

With the rise in social media platforms, wedding photography has seen a huge rise, and more people want good photographs of them. Especially celebrations like weddings, maternity, anniversaries, etc. People want to share their happiness by sharing the occasion photographs.

Hence they are ready to invest in good photographers who can give them good photographs that last for decades.

When it comes to weddings, a special occasion in everyone’s life, people want to get photographs of their big day, hence they choose wedding photographers who can match their expectations. They expect the best wedding photographers for their wedding.

The majority of the newlyweds only wanted photographers for their engagement and wedding day. Today, it has gone beyond that.

People like to document every moment of their wedding journey. Right from suiting up till tying the knot, every moment captured today is special.

Gone are the days where couples posed at the wedding stage, Candid photography has come to make the event more special. Tiny unexpected moves make a story and people love that.

The bridal photo shoot concept is on-trend and every new bride wants to get a photograph of themselves in the beautiful bridal attire as it is their special day and it is also one of the beautiful and important moments in a woman’s life.

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, everywhere beautiful wedding series photographs and videos are published and some photographs become an inspiration for an upcoming wedding couple and will want to replicate the same.

Pre-wedding shoot, the post-wedding photoshoot, has been there for a long time, but now people are using creative ways to make it better. The same color dress, different locations, different situations, and more creative ways make weddings special.

Post pandemic, people are ready to invest in good wedding photographers rather than investing in luxurious weddings.


Capturing special moments has become a trend and more people are coming forward to get good photographs of themselves to save it for decades to come. So to make your photographers speak for decades, you need the best wedding photographer in chennai for your special day Arun Prasad Photography, a brand that has made 100+ weddings colorful and magical.

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