Realistic expectations: A pathmaker for a successful married life.

Wedding life is a complete change of a lifestyle from an individual life to a family life. A successful married life is all about believing in each other as always. But some people assume it as an easy journey similar to an individual lifestyle but with a partner. Thinking life will not have any problems, there will only be happiness and the other will sacrifice for your happiness at all times.

No !.  These are some of the expectations that will go through in every couple’s mind when they are planning to begin a new life. These expectations will also create an unrealistic expectation in the couple, as we are all highly exposed to cinematic life.

The way we dress, we communicate, we behave is highly influenced by cinematic culture. This doesn’t stop with dressing and communicating, it also involves life situations.

Characters are fictional, stories are fictional and they are designed to be perfect to impress others. But real people don’t impress, they influence and accept the real you. In the same way these unrealistic expectations influence more in marriage life.

Human nature is obsessed with expectation, starting right from selecting a clothing to selecting a career, we picture everything  with an expectation before we acquire it and when we acquire it and if it is not the way we expected, we give up soon feeling disappointed.

What’s bad in a married life is, these expectations will not ruin your life alone but also your partners too. As we already mentioned cinematic influence takes a major role in expectations so as in marriage. It is applicable for both love and arranged marriages. Everyone wants a perfect partner rather than accepting the reality.

The real challenge comes when you have unrealistic expectations in marriage that go unmet. That’s because unrealistic expectations can’t be met no matter how much you demand or wish they are.

The key to a successful married life is you need to forget the unrealistic expectation and ensure a realistic expectation. Which means the bride will be uncomfortable in attaching with your family immediately. New things take time and you have to understand the reality. And brides don’t expect the groom to just be hanging out or travelling with you throughout the day like leaving everything, the groom needs to be on the move to make your and his life happy.

Don’t get trapped into the unrealistic expectation mindset and make decisions. It’s best to accept the realistic life and travel in the path for a successful marriage life.


Realistic acceptance is what takes marriage life to a long time and a happy life. Expectations are good, everyone has one. But an unrealistic expectation can only spoil your happiness. Hope you find this useful.

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