Reasons why good old Wedding albums are memories of bliss?

Human life is really a visual art, human memories are canvases furnished by photos and embroidered with albums. In the art of life weddings are a prominent feature, those wedding art is a lifelong treasure maintained by the strong warriors called wedding albums.

But you may have a question: how are wedding albums memories a bliss?

Here is your answer!

1. Fast Changing technology:

In the digital world we keep climbing technology from floppy disks to dvd, pen drives and so on, we climb fast in temporary technological steps leaving the long lasting materials. Wedding day is the most important day in everyone’s life. Those moments are captured by wedding photographers and definitely those pictures will be delivered in digital format too but the real feel of exploring those wedding moments happens trillion times in a single wedding album and that is where those digital aroma gets blast in front of long lasting materials.

2. A legacy:

Wedding photographs are always a picture that speaks of the legacy of love, family bonding, and mainly two individuals creating a family legacy. Those legacy are to be treasured for life. Wedding albums are personal and yet contribute to family legacy. Those memory recreation is not possible in digital forms where finding a USB 50 years down the lane, will your kids even be able to access it? Pictures get old, dirty or even wet but the essence of the moment is captured in the wedding. Photographs never lose their essence even after a million decades.

3. An Album tells the story:

Wedding albums are like personal photo novels that narrate our own stories that make us jump into the scene. Wedding album has the power to make us get back to those good happy days of life but a digital picture on an ultra hd screen can’t get you this.  

4. Pictures are precious:

Pictures are human time travel machines that take us on a ride down the lane to our memories.  Wedding albums are exclusive time travel rides where you can jog down your memory lane together anytime you want, it could be your anniversary, your first meeting day, your proposed day or just because you feel like it. Taking out an album from the racks is much easier than searching for digital files, or worse, you could lose those folders in seconds.


These reasons would pop up your mind saying, “I too want to experience those wedding moments with the wedding album with my loved one and of course with my entire family.” Go and experience the long lasting material with Chennai’s best wedding photographer and take a time travel ride in a wedding album.

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