Reasons why you should start your relationship after engagement

Marriage is a long journey in life and it starts with a connection with your spouse. Relationships are important in marriage. If you are a newly wed couple or a longtime married couple if the relationship doesn’t spark, the marriage will not sustain. Relationship building takes time and it requires effort from both the parties.

When you’re engaged, you are half married and it is time to start your relationship with your spouse. It is one of the ways to a successful marriage.

Here are a few reasons why you should start your relationship after engagement;

  1. To learn communication

Core element of a relationship is communication. Take any relationship for example: Siblings, friends, spouse, everything needs communication to make the relationship strong.

Communication with a spouse is an entirely different conversation. Majority of the people shy away in communicating with their spouse after marriage and hence it becomes difficult for each other to express themselves.

Treat this time as a practice to communicate more with your spouse to know more about them and overcome communication obstacles.

  • To develop Friendship

Weddings are the start of a new friendship between two people and this friendship will  last longer.

Treating your spouse as your friend right from the beginning will make your marriage life more smooth. When you spend time together eventually a bond will happen and your friendship will kickstart over time.

Post wedding you will not notice any major changes in your life as your spouse has already become your friend.

  • To know the likes and dislikes of your spouse

Starting a marriage might seem a little difficult at the beginning because you have a new person in your family and your spouse is an important part of your life. It is essential that you understand them better.

When you understand their likes and dislikes before marriage, your life will be more pleasant and the marriage relationship will start blooming early.

The stronger the knowledge about your spouse, the stronger the marriage.

  • To understand more about relationship

Getting married and adjusting to life is not easy for many. Hence when you start your relationship with your spouse after engagement, you will get used to that lifestyle and you will know what to do and what not to do in a married life.

Once you understand a relationship then you are ready enough to sail in the ship of relationship with your engaged better half for the rest of your life dreaming about the love combined life of fruitfulness to be achieved.

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