Top 5 Things to know before getting married

Marriage is more than just a relation between two people. Before preparing for marriage you need to understand a few things that are important because you are entering a new phase in your life and you are not single anymore. Hence some things must be of mutual understanding to make a successful marriage. 

Here are the top 5 things that everyone should know before getting married.

  • Become good friends

Marriage sounds like something new as you are going to meet a new person and add them into your family circle. Sometimes the feeling can make you scared, excited, and nervous. A marriage should have a strong foundation of love, shared values, common interests, and trust. Getting to know each other and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other is important.

  • Accept:

A mistake that some couples make is expecting their partner to change according to their preference. This is something that cannot work out. Marriage is all about accepting each other and being together. There is no changing of oneself for the other, once this becomes a habit the relationship will not be strong and it will be more relying on expectations than on acceptance.

Each one of us is unique in our way. You cannot expect a perfect partner you need to accept they are perfect.

  • Communicate

A long-lasting relationship is based on trust and honesty. To grow trust and earn honesty, communication is very vital for any relationship. Only when you open up, down the years, the relationship can be strong. Your better half is more than your friend and your parents. They are a part of you, you share your life with them. Hence you need to be transparent about everything in your life. Only when they know what you’re going through they’ll be able to support you in every possible way.

  • Value Partnerships

Your marriage will have a better chance of success if you’re both committed to fixing problems and if you both think of all problems as shared problems. Now the decision-making is dependent on two people, you and your better half. You need to value your partner’s suggestions also. Whatever you take up it should be a mutual decision only this way the relationship can be a good one down the years.

The reason why you need to practice this is, you will have an answer for the problem, your better half will have another answer that you have not thought about. So shared values are always great in marriage life.

  • Family is important

Once you get married, you are also a family member in your partner’s family. Hence you have an extended family now. Equal importance is needed to be given to them at all times. You are more than just a son/daughter-in-law in each other’s families. You are more than that.

You are entering a new phase in your life, you need some support from your families at some point in time. This is also a good way to know more about your partner. You need not change yourself but you can know what their likes and dislikes are. After all, a marriage relationship cannot be made perfect immediately, it takes time and sometimes it takes long enough.


All these can seem pretty easy to follow up, but it needs to be followed up before getting married as these are very basic things that you need to start your marriage life. Most of the married couples fail to follow up at least in one of these.

Hope you found this helpful.

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