Understanding Wedding Photography- Facts

Wedding Photography is misunderstood by many people, there are some common facts, often the beautiful facts many people should know. Wedding Photography doesn’t only mean capturing weddings, it has more meaning to it.

If you would like to know, Check these important facts about it.

What are they ?

  • Wedding Photography Connects the Past, the Present and the Future

Wedding Photos are not mere photos that relate to a special occasion. It is about your lifetime. 10 years, 20 years down your life, you will able to create your past, i.e your wedding day through your wedding photo and

It is about capturing the happiness of the present moments of a wedding. The happiness, emotions, candid moments, rituals.

It is also for the future, it acts as a storage for your future generations to see and admire their elders and they get to see the young version of them and know how weddings happened and what happiness it had.

  • Captures Emotions and Decisive Moments

Weddings are the most emotional occasions in a person’s lifetime. The event is a start of another new life for a person, it can be for the bride and groom. Unlike birthdays, travel photographs, wedding photos contain emotional, farewell moments.

Candid moments that escape the naked eye will be captured on the wedding photographer lens. You can never get over how many emotional moments happen.

These emotional moments serve us a good memory when you look at your wedding album. Farewell tears are love tears, it can be shedded from mother, father, brother, sister, or even a best friend.

These wedding albums that you get store love in the form of photos to cherish for the rest of your life.

  • During Hard Times, Your Wedding Photos Remind You of Love and Happiness.

Weddings are a hard road to take. Not easy, but also not difficult. More conflict and fights means more love and whenever conflict arises, the wedding photo that is hanging on your wall reminds you about your love and the person who loves you the most.

The photos are a reminder of how your wedding happened and how far you have travelled with your spouse in your life. It is a symbol of your unity with your spouse.

  • Documents your entire wedding day- memories

Wedding Photography is not capturing the bride and groom on stage with the guests. Say goodbye to those photos.

Wedding Photographers document the entire wedding day, from the 1st arriving guest till the last leaving guest everything is recorded in your wedding photos.

As a bride and groom you will not have a chance to move around or see what happened on your wedding day but these photos will narrate the story for you.


We hope that now you would have understood how wedding photography is a crucial part of your wedding and memory. If you are still searching for your wedding photographer or getting married, You need the best wedding photographer in chennai to capture your wedding. Arun Prasad Photography brand, our team has made 100+ weddings special and we like you to be in it.

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