Wedding Trends- 2021: Micro wedding

Wedding ceremonies have come a long way. It has become more than just an occasion in life. People have started celebrating weddings as a festival. Planning, scheduling everything carefully and making it a colorful and happy festival.

Weddings usually take place in a wedding venue with a large gathering of people singing, dancing, smiles and emotions.

Covid-19 has altered the wedding trends and opened up a new path.

Welcome to 2021. People have changed their idea of wedding and adopted a new trend. More couples opt for micro weddings.

What is microwedding ?

Micro wedding is a small gathering of 50 guests  coming together to celebrate the festival of wedding. People have become self conscious and want only their closed ones to be present when they get married.

These guests include friends, family members and close relations.

Some people find micro weddings concept interesting and want to celebrate their entire wedding day only with their close ones, who love and care for them.

 A micro wedding includes everything which a regular wedding comprises. From the beautiful venue to wedding photographer everything remains the same but on a smaller scale. Imagine having a cheerful time with your close friends and cousins while you tie the knot of togetherness and make way for new beginnings. Pure, isn’t it?

Micro weddings are the “new normal”.

Large gathering or small gathering, your wedding will be filled with traditions, enjoyment, candid moments, and happy faces. Your day will still be a festival.

Why Do More Couples Want Micro weddings ?

  • Micro weddings give the couples a flexibility to explore their wedding ideas and choose their venues, wedding photographer, guests, etc.
  • Couples get to spend more time with their closed ones on their big day.
  • Micro weddings are more relaxed. You are relieved from the stress of spending much time in planning your wedding.
  • Couples get a chance to schedule their wedding by involving only the things they want to do on their special day.
  • Large gatherings make some couples anxious and hence they choose only close guests to make them comfortable.


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