Weddings in India- A Blend Of Culture And Diversity

Weddings in India vary according to the bride and groom’s region, religion, community, and personal preferences They are festive occasions in India, and are usually celebrated with elaborate decorations, colour, dresses, music, dance, costumes, and rituals that vary depending on the bride and groom’s community, region, and religion, as well as their preferences.

In life wedding is a dream day for everyone. Everyone celebrates it in different style, different tradition, and different forms in respect to their home land. Indian wedding are always celebrated in a different way, as a country which is diverse with tradition and blend of colors and rituals.

Indian weddings are more than a wedding ceremony in comparison to other regions. In India people follow rituals, traditions based on regions. Indian wedding traditions are not a single day wedding ceremony that starts with a welcome note and ends with a thanks giving. It revolves around more to list up Mehandi, Sangeet and many more which has exotic surprises and creates huge expectations to the guests of the wedding.

Indian wedding just doesn’t have rituals and ceremonies rather it has an emotional flow of relationships that is the best part of the Indian weddings.

Be it a South Indian wedding or a North Indian wedding, food, fun and uncountable photographs last forever. Those photographs are not just a photograph it is a evident of love and carrying forefathers rituals and traditions for eternity.

These rituals are being reminded by the photographs we capture and the tradition we follow. To optimize a best traditional Indian wedding which blends the tradition as well the solid human emotions you need a wedding photography.

With time more ceremonies and fun filled activities are introduced to make weddings a special occasion. People love to celebrate this day and they make it according to their choices.

Destination Weddings are becoming a common in India. It is almost like a happy vacation for friends and family. People believe this destination weddings are a great way to start a new life. Taking their tradition and ritual to a global place and making it special everywhere.

Even in India, each state follows their own tradition and rituals, if you want to experience the real wedding atmosphere, take a tour to every Indian state and every wedding is a festival and every wedding ceremony is different in its own unique way. Our diverse culture makes every wedding a treat to the eyes and different weddings will give different experiences.

Although the practices differ, the essence remains the same. The ethos of Indian marriage remains the same regardless of the bride’s or bridegroom’s region of origin!

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