What Happens when you don’t hire a professional wedding photographer

Wedding photography is like a moment, an instant. You need a half-second to click a photo, but that half a second is for professionals. They create magic in half-second, as they paint their image with a lens. Not every photographer is a professional wedding photographer, so what happens when you don’t hire a professional wedding photographer.

Here are the answers,

  • Lack of Experience:

Photography is not just about pushing a button on the camera. It takes a lot of time and a lot of mistakes along the way to gain experience as a photographer.

Experienced photographers started from scratch and they can note the double edged problems while handling cameras and that’s why they are called professionals. Wedding ceremony is the most important part in a wedding and a pro can capture a photo filled with emotions and candidness. Experienced photographs also convey the experience of the subject within them.

  • Bad Photos:

If you look to save money without hiring a wedding photographer your wedding photos will be of bad quality without proper focus, or special shots. Only an experienced photographer who has shot in weddings knows the importance of rituals and what to shoot and how to shoot. When you hire a photographer instead of a wedding photographer you are risking your wedding day.

Professionals are masters in taking good wedding photos even in dull environments. They predict the situation and know how to find an alternative to get the best shot in difficult conditions..

  • Post Wedding Services:

When the wedding ceremony ends all the service providers’ work ends there but not for a photographer. Their work is like two sides of the coin on the event day they work professionally and post work for delivering the best photographs. Let’s say your friend took your wedding pictures and probably delivered them to you on USB and now what? What if you wish to share your images with your big family around the world ? How will you do it ? Think twice before you commit.

  • It’s not a single day’s work:

Wedding photography is not like any other photography because it always holds more emotions, family traditions and ritual, the respondent expects the value of these to be maintained in the photos.

Weddings do not start on that day and there are few traditions and rituals before that are there. They are equally important to weddings. Only a wedding photographer knows how to handle these rituals. The wedding photography rate you pay is not just for weddings.

Only a professional team only knows how to make the wedding photos, bride and groom shots. A single person cannot handle all these responsibilities.


Photography is a wide field. There are many specialties to photography. Each field is unique in it’s own way and all are not the same. It’s high time you understand this.

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