What is traditional wedding photography?

There are different styles of wedding photography in the industry today. Going back to the basics, traditional wedding photography is one.

Traditional wedding photography is  the opposite of Candid wedding photography where everything is pre planned than on the spot shots.

Until the digital era, traditional wedding photography, also known as posed, or classic photography, was the most popular category of wedding photography.

Is Traditional Wedding Photography still chosen ?

According to many couples, a wedding is a traditional classic. There should be no room for modern and fancy exaggeration. This is why traditional photography is still among the best styles.

It may not capture the entire day’s emotions, but it will provide you with some lovely traditional photographs to treasure.

For those of you who are unsure what to do in front of the camera, this is the safest option. All of the key shots from each wedding can be found in the wedding albums. And they’ll be stunning. The quality of the posed portraits will be excellent.

Several aspects of your wedding photography are staged. That’s also a good thing because you get to choose what should and shouldn’t be clicked.

Traditional wedding photography is captured in a sequence. From the beginning to end, you will know what you can expect from the wedding album.

Weddings are a blend of traditions and cultures. The traditional concept delves into the roots of the couple’s cultural heritage. Some couples are not open to every modern style, they will want a nice and traditional style from their big day.


This method of wedding photography has been in existence since the inception and some people will want to keep it to traditions and enjoy the photos.