What’s new in Wedding Photography ? for 2021

The wedding Photography industry is an evolving industry with time. It’s more than just photography. It’s about how beautiful weddings are captured. With the emerging new technologies and people’s tastes, it has become something new.

Here are something new in the industry, you need to know

  • Real Pictures

In the age of edits and filters, people want a real/raw picture of themselves without filters. Natural beauty is becoming a trend in the world. With the increase in the use of social media, people like to upload their original pictures rather than filtered them. Some people go to the extent of uploading raw pictures to showcase their natural beauty.

This generation is not shy to show their real beauty, they want to keep it real and original.

  • Relaxed Wedding Photography

Wedding photography used to be a very formal act. Everyone posed perfectly, stiff as you like. Nowadays, with more and more couples getting hitched on the fly, wedding photography follows a blend of candid and traditional.

In every part of the world new trends emerge, people try new things and make it a trend, so among them is relaxed wedding photography. No more photographs on the wedding stage with parents in a single pose.

Some couples fly to the destination of their choice, some people shoot in their home, some in a temple, varieties is what people expect for their wedding day.

The married couple plan the session with the wedding photographer and customize their shoots to make it more satisfying for them.

  • Drone Photography

Most common is drone technology but it is a new trend that we are seeing in the industry is the use of drones to capture the entire scenario, you get exposure to the entire wedding area without much effort.

Drones make wedding photos or wedding films more complete as they are capable of capturing all types of angles and add more special moments that get missed in the eyes.

  • Documentary Style

We keep saying this, but film photography trends are growing. Couples want to see “their story” rather than “another beautiful wedding”.; their social media handles will explain this.

Every couple wants a story of their special day to cherish for the beautiful years to come. They prefer photos or videos that narrate stories of love life and how everything began for them at their wedding.

  • Getting Ready Shots

You might have come through wedding photographers’ portfolios or wedding couples’ social media for these. This has been going on for a while now and these getting-ready shots of the bride and groom make up the storyline from the start.

Usually, a bride or groom sees each other in their wedding attire on stage for the first time, but with these new trends, you can witness the beautiful bride and the handsome groom suiting up for their big day with happiness.

  • Wedding Teasers

Teasers are famous but now they have reached the wedding photography industry. The 10-20 seconds wedding videos of the married couple are becoming a viral thing and married couples desire a wedding teaser to show the outline of their story and share it on their social media handles.

People of this generation love themselves and want to celebrate every good moment, so they use these teasers to celebrate their wedding day and show the world their love story.


Hope you found that useful. The wedding photography industry is not mere photography, it is a blend of customer’s behavior, trends, emotions, and love. It keeps changing with time.

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