Why Shouldn’t You Give up on your Marriage

Marriage is a new step in life and conflict will arise then and there as it is a new relationship taking time to adjust. But marriage is a beautiful relationship and a lifelong commitment, hence you will never fully understand your spouse. But that’s the beauty of it. You have a lifetime to know and enjoy your married life.

  1. It affects both persons

More than anything a marriage relationship conflict affects both the person’s mental health. As mentioned marriage is a beautiful relationship and every couple needs to understand that they are one. Marriage is a happy start and it never has an end. The happiness goes on

When you plan to give up on your marriage you indirectly affect your spouse’s mental health too along with yours. Happiness gets shattered once you leave a marriage relationship and the relationship is difficult to patch up. Conflicts can be resolved anytime to make a marriage successful.

  • Its your spouse

Love is a beautiful feeling which can only be experienced. Your spouse has believed in you and started the journey. No matter how much fights a relationship goes through, your love will never fade or reduce for your spouse. That is the real truth.

The best part of marriage is being together happily and you do not want to give those happy moments and trust us, if there is one person who is looking out for you it is your loved one.

  • You lose Confidence

We grow up thinking that we will marry and be happy. When we “fail” at that, our self confidence and belief in ourselves is deeply affected. We have failed at one of the key jobs of adulthood. So it is crucial not to give up the confidence. This entirely affects your life and puts you in a bad mental state.

Whenever you feel like giving up, think about the happy times you went through after rough patches. Everything is possible when you give it a try.

  • It Affects Kids

When you think of moving away from your marriage relationship, remember after the wedding it is also about your family,i.e. Your children. You need to look at their future too.

Life also revolves around your spouse, family and your children. Any decision you make will directly affect your child.

  • Tough Times don’t last

The reasons why most couples try to move away in a marriage is due to fights and tough times. It happens and there is nothing you can do about it.

Every relationship in life will have a difference of opinion and nobody is perfect. The beauty of a relationship is learning to love them for who they are.

Every fight will end. Nothing lasts long, but decisions made during these times can impact a whole life. Give time for the fight to resolve and make decisions.


Marriage is something divine. A relationship with your loved one for the rest of your life. You can experience happiness only when you give it a chance. Your marriage is a story and somewhere someone is inspired by your love. So make it positive.

Oh, Yes ! If you ever feel down, sit down and go through your wedding photos, you will know how beautiful your story started.

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