Couple photography a ticket to everlasting memories

Being single is a story that is cherished with friends, being a couple is a story that is lived, cherished with never ending love of life. In the world of temporary things everything you do, you eat, you enjoy disappears in a second, but memories and love don’t.

Love has a power to make even a cold heart fall for it, as every living form in this world has love. The most precious love is mothers love and next is the love from our better half.

They make our life more beautiful and loveable. Every moment with our loved ones needs to be celebrated, and the love needs to be captured for an everlasting memory.

Many say that Photography is about capturing “Souls not Smiles” but we say Couple Photography is about capturing “Love not Couples”. We capture the life of romance, life of candidness, life of smile, life of togetherness.

Yes we capture your memories of love and life from you, for you. Couple photography is not about fashion and style but about capturing pure love of togetherness.

Weddings are a unique gift that needs to be appreciated and treasured even when they are driving you crazy.

Expedition of eternal love is holding hands even in tough times, loving beyond infinity, and caring are the identities for a successful wedding.

Couple Photoshoots sets the background for the wedding and it is the start of a new journey between the couples. We the photographers capture your journey through our amazing service that makes you cherish it not only today, but for many years to come.

Life is to laugh, live, love, that happens only when you cherish, experience and capture every little moment in your life. We may not be there in your every moment but when we are there, we will make the moment magical and a memorable one.

We will capture those moments through our lens and make it live even after years.


Successful wedding lies in the trust of each other. This photoshoot session helps in the bonding of the couple.

Arun Prasad Photography brand is a team of wedding photographers in Coimbatore, Chennai capturing the best moments of the celebration in your life. We will make your moments an everlasting one.