Brahmin Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are loaded with rituals and ceremonies, and when it comes to the South, Tamil Nadu takes the center stage with its rich cultural heritage. They take pride in their rituals, they have a diverse community, various rituals and when it comes to brahmin weddings, they are nothing short of fun. Behind every ritual there is a story and brahmin wedding photography is a special one in wedding photography. Brahmin wedding photos are captured throughout the ceremonies. So here are the brahmin wedding rituals for you.


The first ritual, this happens in all the Indian weddings, once the families agree to get their children married, this ritual is performed on an auspicious day The families gather and perform Ganapathy pooja to remove all obstacles and then they mutually decide on the date, day, and venue for the wedding. This is done with close family members to let them know there is going to be a wedding in the house and we’ll be one family from now on. That is the reason only family members are invited to this. In a brahmin wedding, a photographer’s work starts from this ceremony. Brahmin marriage photos are not a day’s work.

Pandha Kaal Muhurtham

This is also quite common among many communities during weddings, Pandhal is a temporary structure that provides shade for people in a gathering. This is done by the elders of the families, to announce there is a wedding happening and it is an announcement of a happy occasion in a house.


This is a small ceremony conducted before the wedding reception, where the groom arrives in a car to the marriage hall. This ceremony is performed to welcome the groom. This is done to show the groom to the public a new entrant in the family. Sometimes both the groom and bride arrive in a car this is practiced by some families. This tradition is followed for a long time in wedding rituals. This is like a welcome entry for the couples into the venue. An important part of tamil brahmin wedding photography is this ceremony. This is the start for the big wedding ahead.


Vratham ritual (Fasting) is done a day before the wedding. The groom’s transition from a bachelor to a family man is believed to start from this ritual. A string of protection called “kaapu” is tied to both the groom and bride’s hands to protect them from evil spirits and both the bride and groom are not allowed to leave their home before the wedding. This (vratham) fast is to thank god for the wedding and protect the couples. This usually is not the big highlight but every brahmin wedding photography service will have this ceremony photograph on their photo album, as every ceremony is important in a wedding.

Kasi Yatra

The reason for this ritual is once a man completes the educational stage, he is believed to have foreseen the knowledge which is present ahead of the married life stage. Kasi is known for higher education and studies, as well as spiritual understanding in those days. He decides to gain that wisdom for which he travels to Kasi.

On the wedding day morning, the tradition is that the groom pretends like he is leaving for Kasi to become a sanyasi (monk). But, the bride’s father tries to convince him not to go for sanyas and marry his daughter. This is iconic to iyer weddings, this whole kasi yatra ceremony is captured to make the moments memorable. This is more like an engaging element in a wedding than a normal ceremony. These photographs can be found mostly in tamil brahmin wedding photography, as this is practiced more in South India especially Tamil Nadu.

Maalai Maatruthal

This is a common tradition among all Hindu weddings. To show their unification that one soul in two bodies the maalai (garlands) are exchanged between the bride and groom. The maternal uncles of both the bride and groom lift them on their shoulders enabling them to exchange their garlands, this is done with family members. It is also one of the happy moments in the weddings. These photographs can not only be seen on tamil wedding photos, but on all wedding ceremonies across the country.


The secret behind a happy marriage life is the friendship of the couples. Couples considering their better half as a friend have a strong and healthy relationship. In this oonjal ceremony, the bride and groom are made to sit on a wooden swing. The tradition of them sitting on a swing is said to remind them of the good times they might face in their marriage. Family married women there sing traditional songs to celebrate. The reason behind performing the oonjal ceremony is that, irrespective of the several ups and downs of life, the bond shared between the couple must be the same and the couple should be happy as now. Here the swing resembles life which causes the ups and downs.

Kannika Dhanam

Now we move on to the main event, kannika dhanam is a tradition where the bride is made to sit on her father’s lap holding his hands. And the bride’s father hands over his daughter’s hands to the groom which is called “dhaara”. The bride’s father chants mantra while giving his daughter’s hand to the groom and thus her “Gothra” changes to that of the groom. The bride is gifted to the groom and this is the reason why the ritual is performed. The groom hands over “koorai pudavai”(traditional saree) to the bride, to proceed to mangalya dharanam. Tamil brahmin wedding photography is something special due to each and every detail in every ceremony is so exciting. Most brahmin wedding photography in chennai focus more on this ceremony as this is the important part in a wedding.

Mangalya Dharanam

The bride returns in her “koora pudavai”(traditional saree) and sits on her father’s lap, where the groom ties the mangalyam around the bride’s neck with three knots, where one knot is tied by the groom and the remaining two is tied in by the groom’s sister. The first knot is tied to announce their union, the second knot and third knot is tied by the sister to welcome the bride into their family. Most tamil weddings end here, where more emotions can be seen in the venue.


After tying the mangalyam, the groom takes the bride's right hand to circle around the “agni” seeking blessings of the god to start their new life. In Hindu tradition “agni” is the universal power for promise. So the groom makes a promise to hold the hands of his wife from now on, even during the tough times in their life. Details is what it is about this ceremony, and we the brahmin wedding photography in chennai know how to capture every detail in perfection.


Saptapadhi’ or seven steps is an essential part of marriage. The groom takes the right foot of the bride and makes her take seven steps with prayers for her happiness, well-being and prosperity. Only after this ritual the marriage is officially completed for the couple. Another interesting ritual is when the bride and groom are asked to take a look at the two-star of ‘Arundhati’ and ‘Vasishta’, the two stars, ‘Arundhati’ and ‘Vasishtha’ revolve around each other, just like how a married couple should be.


The evening of the marriage is to relax and play. The newly wed husband and wife break the ice and get to play. They play games like breaking papad over each other’s heads, rolling coconuts like playing ball, singing songs, etc. This session is for the couples to break the marriage tension and get to know each other more. As much as the ceremony for the brahmins wedding photos are also important as it becomes a great memory years after looking into it.

Well, we have come to the end of the rituals, and a traditional brahmin wedding lasts usually for 2 days and it is more of a fun filled wedding rather than a normal wedding. Brahmin wedding photographers' work is more compared to other weddings, due to the ceremonies they have. A tamil brahmin marriage photos album is always a memorable one to watch with family even after years because of these ceremonies.

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