Tips for dealing with Fear of Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who come together and start a new life. This phase of life starts at different ages for different people. For some people it starts early and for some it starts late, but the fear always remains the same for the majority of the people.

So, how to deal with the fear of marriage. Here’s some tips for you;

●     Ignore Negative Patterns

Marriages are a big commitment in life and the marriage fear among the newlywed couples are normal. This fear starts from your surroundings. The families around you and their daily life makes you imagine a similar situation and develop fear.

Family patterns can have a big impact on marriages. Hence, don’t be biased and ignore the negative family patterns you see around you.

The reality is every marriage will have fights and conflict of interest at some point, for building a healthy relationship you need to overcome that.

Don’t look at other families and confuse yourself, every family is unique and so are their problems. Ignore those patterns for a happy marriage.

●     Know Each Other

As said marriage is coming of two people to start a new life and there will be few differences and few questions running in the mind. Make it a point to know each other before marriage. Couples who understand each other better have a better chance of building a strong relationship.

Technology has grown exponentially and there are different ways to communicate. Know each other better so that your fear gets reduced, you can be at peace of mind.

After the wedding, you feel more comfortable and your spouse will eventually become your friend.

●     Share More

Healthy relationship requires communication. Post Marriage your spouse is a part of your family and most importantly a part of you.

Initially fear occurs because of not knowing about a person, learning to share things with your spouse, spending quality time, helping each other, sharing equal space will help you overcome your fears overtime.

●     Disappearance of Individuality

Remember that your partner is an individual and marriage does not mean the disappearance of that individuality. You can still be yourself without any changes.

Marriage is sharing your life with your loved one and there is no such thing as disappearance of individuality.

Nobody who is married has lost their individuality, everyone stays the same but with more responsibility on them for nurturing a family.

You can see around your friends, cousins, siblings they will be the same person whom you knew before their marriage. Everyone possesses a unique character and it is that individuality that makes people like you.

Understanding this will help you lead a happy and long married life.

●     Define your expectations

Define what you expect from marriage and be open to your partner about them. People have expectations about their spouse and what they expect out of a marriage and it is quite normal.

Everyone has expectations in life and it is better if you communicate it openly to your spouse so that they also understand you better. This might seem scary to open up, but it will be helpful in the long term relationship. Once you open up, your fear will no longer hold you back.


We’ve come to the end of the blog, hope you found these tips helpful. Fear of marriage should not hold you back from getting married to the person you love.

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