4 Common Mistakes Every Couple must avoid during a Conflict

Relationship conflict is common among couples. They are required to push one another, to resolve differences, to express feelings, and to find the best solutions. However, not all argument strategies are made equal.

Avoid these mistakes to have a win-win situations during a conflict

  1. Changing

Bringing up your partner’s flaws does not encourage improvement; instead, it increases defensiveness and counter-attack. Couples should put themselves in one other’s shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Before you start arguing or dropping words or actions, think about what it’s like from your partner’s position.

One situation may appear to be correct to you, but your spouse may sense a potential risk in that position that you do not, so analyzing situations from both perspectives is critical to settling the conflict smoothly.

  1. Protesting Louder

Couples bring in the opinions of others to support them and refuse to admit mistakes, they however, end up discussing alternate narratives and creating a case against their partner.

In an argument, it is important to make your position clear, yet protesting louder to make your point clear is not a healthy practice. Protesting loudly during an argument with your partner can only make matters worse.

Even if your point is correct and acceptable, express it in a normal tone; protesting loudly will only harm your spouse, and the disagreement will be difficult to resolve since your partner will also protest loudly, and there will be no end to it.

  1. Walk away from the place

This is a common thing, we all do it. Fighting in marriage is a natural way to arrive at joint decisions.

One of the partners will eventually leave. It might be walking away or internally shutting down; never walk away from an argument; you will only make things worse rather than better because the conversation will not conclude neatly and the issue may resurface.

Walking away makes your spouse believe that their words are not being heard or respected, and the disagreement will divert off in a different direction, taking a long time to resolve.

  1. Getting Defensive

A marriage is a two way work, both husband and wife need to invest time equally to make it work.

When one partner becomes defensive during a marriage argument, a discussion about relationship concerns can easily spin out of control. One of the things that can turn a conversation into an argument is this.

One cannot always be correct; nevertheless, after marriage, you have another person who is allowed to share your happiness and pains, and they have an equal right to contribute to your decisions.

If your first reaction to your partner bringing up a problem is to deny that it exists and not respect it, a negative and unsuccessful argument will almost surely ensue. It’s crucial to hear the opposite side of the story.


Marriage arguments are the way to understand each other and there’s no way to stop the conflicts but a solution-focused talk can be extremely beneficial, as well as a lot more positive and encouraging.

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