4 Ways to Build Trust in Relationships

Every relationship runs on trust and when you think of entering into a relationship with another person, building trust is important.

From the beginning of the relationship, let’s focus on establishing a foundation of trust. Here are 4 practical approaches to create and sustain trust

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say

Relationships are about two people. Expectations from your partner will be there, and the best way to keep up with your partner’s trust is to commit to what you say.

It is easy to promise something especially if you are new to your relationship, but it is difficult to keep it up. Your word of promise acts as a trust and when you make promises you can’t keep, you cause far more damage.

It doesn’t mean you cannot change your mind about something, but just be sure to communicate this to your partner. Your words are crucial, so it is important to match actions with words.

  • Communicate your intentions clearly

Building trust in a relationship takes time, but it is possible if you communicate clearly from day 1 of your relationship. Maintaining a successful relationship needs proper and transparent communication.

Your partner cannot read your mind, so communicate your intentions clearly and regularly. Communicating your intentions allows your partner to know what you’re thinking so they don’t have to guess, make assumptions, or be surprised.

  • Admit your mistakes

In all relationships, reliability and accountability are essential. Admit if you have committed a mistake. Don’t blame it on anyone, don’t try to hide your mistake or act as if it never happened.

The more you weave stories for your mistake, the more problems you will need to face in your relationship.

In order to build trust in a relationship, you must accept responsibility for your mistakes and make a commitment that you will not repeat that same mistake again.

  • Always tell the truth

People lie to avoid conflict, escape hard situations, and please the person in front of them. It’s hard for others to trust you when it comes to bigger concerns when you’re dishonest about small things. Love requires space, which the truth gives.

The first step in establishing regular trust in relationships is to always tell the truth.


These 4 practical tips for building trust in relationships can help you develop a strong foundation for your relationship.

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