Biggest Wedding Photography Trends For 2022

Documenting key moments with your loved ones is something everyone appreciates a little more. Every event that happens in our life is a one time event that needs to be preserved in our memories.

Photography is the best way to preserve memories. From documenting  to a mini film these are the wedding photography trends you can expect to see in 2022.

  • Documentary Wedding Photography

Gone are the days of traditional wedding photography with loads of prepared images and every family portrait combination imaginable; now it’s all about natural moments, candid shots, and people enjoying themselves.

You will get beautiful photographs that are full of natural feelings and emotions. A wedding is a big moment in a person’s life and a turning point of a person’s life. Hence it is a nice way to document the real day to reminisce about it later in life.

  •  Mini Film

Couples who cherish documenting memorable moments also consider creating a small film; photographers are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to relive their wedding day.

With the increasing number of social media platforms and users, this will be a hit and this 2 to 3 minute video of the wedding is already becoming a trend in various countries.

  • Fewer Filters More Natural Photography

Couples are looking for a more natural, authentic editing style for their images, allowing their innate beauty to come through with simple, natural editing and lighting.

Trends change with each generation and more advancements and more styles emerge over time and this is one of that.

This generation feels it is important to show things more naturally and keep it real.

  • Physical Albums

The days of CDs are long gone, and now it’s all about obtaining your photos on a USB drive or simply downloading them.

Wedding albums, on the other hand, are back and more popular than ever, and are a wonderful opportunity to have your photographer produce a beautiful record of your special day by choosing images that narrate a story.

  • First Glance Photos

It will be an exciting and emotional event when the groom meets her dressed as a bride for the first time; you never know what will happen! They can laugh, get happy tears or simply stare at each other in perfect harmony.

Some moments in life are rare to see, this first glance is one such moment.


Every moment becomes a story when passed through a photographer’s lens. These are some of the trends that are going to change wedding photography.

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