Moments To Remember From Your Wedding

Weddings being the auspicious and a life turning moment in a person’s life, it has valuable meaning to it. In life some days are worth remembering and weddings are one such day.

Here are some events that are worth remembering from your wedding day;

  1. Getting Ready Moments

One of the iconic moments in a wedding. The start of feeling as a bride/groom. These are moments which won’t come back but are a precious memory to cherish for the rest of your life. This is the start for the next phase of life and the happiness around the bride/groom and their families.

  1. Moment with Parents

Post marriage you are an individual with a new family. For parents it is an emotional moment watching their children grow up and start a new life. A heartfelt moment between a father/mother and bride or a groom and father/mother is a moment that will be forever in the hearts and minds.

  1. First look

First look of your spouse is a special feeling. It’s a magical moment. This is something special in a wedding on a bride and groom’s special day, when the bride reaches the wedding stage and the groom and bride exchange first looks. A moment to remember and a great story for the decades to pass on.

  1. Tying the knot

The important moment in a wedding is tying the knot with all the blessings from the family, friends and marking the start of a new relationship. The official announcement of husband and wife, a start of a new life. Exciting, Emotional, Happy moment. Those 5-10 minutes can never be replaced by any other moment.

  1. Farewell Moments

The starting of a new journey as a husband/wife and moving to a new home by bidding farewell to the parents. This is an exciting and emotional moment in a person’s life. Farewell moments are always special in expressing one’s love for one another. Beginnings are always emotional but it leads to a happy life.


If you are recently married or going to get married, these are some moments to remember for the rest of your life.

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