Top 5 Misconceptions About Wedding Photography- Everyone Should Know

Wedding photography is a concept which is in light for a very long time and weddings have evolved over the decades,now couples allocate a space for wedding photography in their wedding plan checklist. But wedding photography is sometimes misunderstood by the common people. Some respondents don’t consider it as a business. Here are the top 5 misconceptions about wedding photography:

Wedding photography is an easy job

Long working hours, carrying heavy equipment, checking for lightings, testing perfect angles, capturing the emotions without any flaws, never taking eyes off the lens until the end of ceremony, deciding the schedule, getting the team ready, intense attention to detail, non-stop problem-solving (before, during, and after the big day). Experienced photographers bring out the best photographs because they have learned a lot over the years to overcome the difficulties of capturing a wedding day.

Wedding photographers work only on wedding day

This is one of the common misconceptions which is really not the truth. Frankly speaking wedding day is the tip of the iceberg, wedding photographer work starts as soon we start interacting with the couple when they book us for their special day.  Most people see only the front end work of capturing photographs, the back end work was we already knew your style. We were prepared with a shot list, our batteries were charged, and gear was ready. The wedding day is 20 to 30 percent of the work. There are pre wedding shoots, post wedding and the rest of the days are spent selecting the best images, editing, correcting, developing etc.

Wedding photography is a hobby and anyone can do it

Photography has been a hobby for a long time and still some people pursue this as a hobby, whereas a wedding photography business is entirely different, it takes a lot of years of learning, a big investment in equipment and other gears, and a ton of determination and perseverance to make a living.

More expensive photographer better the quality

This is there in many people mind, only an expensive photographer will know how to capture the best wedding photos, we are here to tell you the cost is nowhere related to the capturing or quality, it depends on the skill of the photographer, more than a price quote, portfolio of the photographer will speak about their work. You can have a wedding photographer that has started out and shot a few weddings and falls under the more expensive price category, yet someone cheaper could have years of experience and produce stunning albums of beautiful photos.

Camera is everything

The latest, advanced camera clicks a better picture than a normal one. What most people don’t understand is that photographers and their skills play a major role to bring out the expected quality of photographs. There are many technical factors involved in capturing a perfect moment. An expert knows when to zoom in and zoom out and how to perfectly freeze an emotion at the right time.


Wedding photography is equally important as all other professions, having said that have you booked your wedding photographer yet ?

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