6 mistakes to avoid while choosing a wedding photographer

Weddings are a special and big day in everyone’s life, so it is not something you would experience every other day, and it is important to choose things carefully and with keen interest. One of the most important things is the selection of a photographer. It is the photographer who helps you to make the special day of your life. While hiring do not make these mistakes.

Here are the 6 common mistakes to avoid while choosing a wedding photographer :

  • Period Sale

The first mistake to avoid is compromising on the quality of the photographer, do not fall for season sale or discounts given by the people, unless you have researched properly about the photographer yourself, this is your wedding and you need to be sure of whether a photographer is really worth for your wedding or not. A best wedding photographer certainly knows how to make photographs breathtaking, the cost comes second.

  • Quality over Quantity

This is very common among most of us, the quantity of shoots is not something that should catch your attention. Quality of the shots is important and you need a photographer who will click flawless moments using his/her camera and not a photographer who will use your wedding as a practice for themselves. Budget may also be an issue, but there are good budget photographers who can create good albums for you, when you meet with them, they’ll have suitable packages to fit into your budget, discuss and come to an agreement.

  • Hiring Separate Photographers

This happens in most weddings where the groom and the bride will bring their own photographers to the same wedding. More than money, it creates chaos in the wedding venue and it will be difficult for both the team to work with perfection. As a wedding venue will be an energetic place, a photographer needs some space to set up and work with comfort. Hiring two separate wedding photographers kills the beauty of the wedding scene. It’s best to hire one photographer and they will split their work and do it with utmost perfection.

  • Waiting too long to make a selection

This is also an important mistake you need to avoid, don’t wait too long to make a decision. When you find a good photographer, book them. Good photographers will not be available always. Don’t take chances till the last moment as there is nothing more frustrating than knowing that you found a good photographer but they are not available for your wedding dates.

  • One Point of Contact

By the time it’s your wedding the photographer will know you more, as they have shot your pre wedding, engagement shoots, but the wedding day is unlike the other occasions, where you cannot be available full time. So it is essential that you provide the photographer a single person’s contact who can coordinate with them during the wedding. Worst case If you do not provide your photographer one person’s contact to coordinate with, then for sure there everybody at the wedding will be an coordinator in his/her own way advising the photographer several things and creating hindrance in their free flow of work.

  • Trust your wedding photographer

Don’t direct your photographer. Trust them and let them do their work, they have years of experience in handling weddings shoots. On your big day you don’t need to be worrying about everything, directing people, ensuring everything is being done, hire a good wedding photographer, trust and leave them to do what they’re best at. They will make your photographs beautiful.


So by now, I think you are aware of what mistakes to avoid during your wedding planning and if you are still looking for a wedding photographer ? Get in touch with Arun Prasad Photography to make the best wedding photographs.

Check out the portfolio and decide for yourselves. Wishing you a Happy Married Life.

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