6 Ways to overcome Wedding Anxiety

Weddings are a part of everyone’s life. It is one of the important events in life which involves lots of work and planning. It may look like a single list, but it is more than that attending calls from caterers, choosing decorations, getting quotes from planners, shopping, etc. More than others the couple themselves can feel anxiety as they start their new life. So how to overcome the wedding anxiety and make your big day  a success. 

  • Wedding planning checklist

Once you fix a wedding date, get together with family, friends and start building your wedding checklist considering your budget. You need not make it a fancy or extremely lavish wedding, but plan to make it perfect according to your preferences. Before you start booking or shopping, complete your checklist and start the work so you don’t miss out on anything at the last moment.

  • Hire your essentials 

Having done with your checklist, the next work is to hire your essentials. Like caterers, wedding photographers, wedding invitations, bridal makeup,wedding venues. Don’t take too much time on deciding, as there are more things to be seen in a wedding plan. Once you find it suitable to your budget, don’t expect to see another better offer. Hire them immediately instead of a last minute rush. Because all these services are essentials in a wedding and they will not always be available according to your schedule.

  • Delegate

Since it’s your wedding it doesn’t mean you need to do all the work. Delegate some work to family or friends and relax and get ready for your big day. You need to be perfect for your wedding day, only take up the work which you can complete and split it to save time and reduce rush. Of course it is your wedding and you have preferences, delegate and guide people to complete the works.

  • Keep yourself engaged

During your planning or shopping or the night before your wedding, be it anytime, try to strike conversation like a normal day. Sit around chat, laugh and enjoy yourself, only when you are alone you’ll get more anxious and things will become a mess. Alone time is fine, but don’t separate yourself from the crowd especially during these times. You will need some assistance because you are about to start a new life, it is okay to open to others to communicate and get feedback, this is natural for everyone. When you do this you’ll be more fresh and calm during your wedding.

  • Shopping

Here comes the important part, shopping for a wedding is a big and responsible task, it needs to be done with utmost care. Shop well ahead and buy accessories for dresses you need without rushing, if it is an online purchase don’t wait for season sales as clothes may get sold out soon. Order, buy and go for a trail to see if it suits you or not replace it soon. But for a wedding, don’t bet on online purchase it is best you handpick things and try it out in order to avoid last minute rush.

  • Practice self care

As said, you are the important element in your wedding, you need to take care of yourself by getting good sleep and following a proper diet. It is important, however, to stick to a regular exercise schedule to keep stress and anxiety at a minimum. You don’t want to make yourself sick on the wedding day and make your day worse.

  • Keep your mind empty

Well on your wedding day, it is essential that you keep your mind empty and enjoy the moments of the wedding, guests will talk and there is nothing you can do about it, you need to focus on your day and not take things into your head. This will spoil your day and your partner’s, your family and everyone. You can’t find a solution to all their problems, so let it go, it is natural, be happy and enjoy your day.


Well we have to come to the end, wedding anxiety exists for everyone, it is not something new or something that needs to be worried about. Just plan right, execute right. Happy Married Life.

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