Five Myths About Marriages Everyone needs to know

The way marriages are portrayed in the media and popular culture can increase the expectation from marriage. But marriage is a new relationship between a bride and groom. There are few myths about marriage that everyone needs to know.

They are;

  • Healthy Marriages Are Conflict Free

No relationship is smooth without a conflict. A relationship conflict is a discussion about a difference of opinion to know more about your spouse. Every individual is unique so are their characteristic traits, only through conflicts you will understand about your spouse and it is completely natural. Parents’ relationships have conflicts, friends have conflicts. So is a marriage relationship.

Secrets lessen the conflicts between the married couple but it destroys the relationship balance.

With every healthy conflict you move step closer to knowing about your spouse.

  • Your Spouse Completes You

Most people get married with the idea that their spouse will complete them. A spouse fills the gap of imperfect traits to make it better. Wrong.

You were always a complete individual. A spouse can compliment you, but not complete you. Your individualism cannot be filled by another person, a spouse is a supporting partner in your life, a hand of trust in all your endeavours and not a person who makes you completely perfect.

Perfectionism is a myth, and every married couple will be imperfect in one way or another and it is natural and life happens that way.

  • Crying Is Bad

In our Indian wedding culture, crying on the farewell is considered to be a good sign and symbolizes that you won’t have to cry after this day and you’re leaving all your sorrows behind before entering your new life.

Crying is an act of expressing your love towards your family, siblings and words cannot express that and besides now you and your spouse are a new family, it indicates the start of a new journey.

  • Differences Are Not Good In Marriages

Every relationship comes with differences as everyone is unique. Nobody has the same characteristics as others. It will vary, especially in marriages a new bride and groom are entering into a relationship to understand themselves better differences will be there.

A spouse will be the opposite to you. The key to a happy life is balance and balance happens only when 2 contrasting people join together.

It isn’t the differences in a marriage that potentially destroy it. It’s the way we respond to those differences that’s the key.

  • Letting Little Things Go

Often in marriages, couples choose to keep quiet when something is bothering them. Discussing the problem when it is a small annoyance will make the discussion that much easier.

Your spouse is a friend, a supporting pillar in your life, there is no harm in discussing your problems, when you discuss they might be able to help or comfort you, remember more the secrets, more the problems.

After you’re married, discussions are mutual and together, whatever a husband/wife goes through is a part of the latter. So when you join hands together your life becomes one.

Never keep little things secretly, if a conflict arises next time you will be careful. A marriage conflict is mostly out of love for the spouse and nothing else.


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