Interesting facts about Hindu Weddings Everyone Should Know

Hindu weddings are known for their traditional rituals and customs. In India, each state is known for its culture and the same is with weddings.

Majority of the Hindu Weddings consist of certain traditions that are not understood by many, but for every tradition there is a reason behind why people are following it.

Well let’s look at the interesting facts that you should know.

  1. Applying Mehandi

Applying mehandi is usual in every wedding today. The Bride, bridesmaids, and sometimes the groom also apply mehandi on their hands.

So the reason behind applying mehandi is that it is believed to calm down the nerves and keep the body from becoming tense.

Mehandi is often used to cool and it also acts as antiseptic to protect the bride and groom from all sorts of diseases and embark them on their new life.

  • Ring finger for a reason

Have you ever wondered why people wear rings on the fourth finger ? Why it can’t be worn in index or middle finger

From ancient days, it is believed by many people that the ring finger had a vein that is connected directly with the heart.

Hence engagement and wedding rings are worn by the bride and groom in the ring finger. The ring represents their spouse’s love and it is kept close to heart.

  • Right Leg Entry

You might have witnessed while the bride’s entering the in-laws house they will enter with their right leg. This symbolizes that the bride’s addition to the new house will bring health and prosperity to the couple’s life.

It’s a tradition that is believed and followed in India for many years. It signifies wealth and that the bride accepts her new responsibilities.

  • Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are a part of every wedding. The cards are always kept and prayed before God’s irrespective of religion. But in Hindu marriage, you can see the first wedding invitation being offered to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Lord Ganesh will bless the couple for the beautiful journey that they are going to embark on.

Lord Ganesha refers to strength and success. Starting from ancient days till now, whenever any new things happen in the family Lord Ganesha blessings is seeked first, for the success of it.


Hope you found this useful. These are some worth reading facts about Hindu marriages, every tradition and ritual has a story behind it and it is essential to know the reason for it.

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