How does the Younger Generation Expect their Wedding ?

Weddings celebration has become different from time to time and young generations expect a different form of celebration apart from millennial who want a traditional and a classical way.

The late 90s and early 20s generations have a different approach and they are most likely to celebrate their wedding ceremony in a more customized way.

  • Special people for special day

Couples expect a small crowd with their close ones like relatives or friends than a huge crowd to be on their special day. Small circle friends or relatives wedding guests would be easy for them to party hard and have fun. Wedding is about a special day, this generation people expect their special to light up the day and be around them to wish them and guide them to their eternal love.

  •  Personalization

All of us would have dream wedding. Arranging or getting things that we like or dream of. It could be getting wed at a favorite spot or a beach wedding or first meeting spot. This young generation wants to get rid of all the old classical ways of wedding that the millennial couples would suggest.

Weddings are becoming more personalized, with elements reflecting the couple’s taste and style. Every couple prefers to have their wedding the way they want it.

  • Less formal

A lot has changed, these days; couples do follow the wedding tradition but add their own twist. This casual form of the wedding has been incorporated into food, dress, location, and everywhere. This young generation mix traditional with less formal and bring out new innovative wedding styles. There is always a nee wedding style coming up.

  •  Weddings are Full-Day Celebrations

No wonder that usually the wedding day flies by in the blink of an eye. The younger generation couples have extended wedding celebrations that include pre- and post-wedding festivities. They want to have those special day celebrations for a longer period of time.

  • DIY Approach

A DIY approach is a new trend followed by every young couple these days. A wedding day is an integral part of every couple’s identity, and the desire to be a part of creating those pieces is undeniable.

  • Multicultural Wedding

This generation broadening their horizons and with zeal to explore the world and respect everyone hold multicultural wedding. This gives them equality in the relationship of respecting every culture. Some people hold 2 wedding days each for 1 culture. It’s happiness to see such beautiful moments.


Generations are changing and so are the celebrations of weddings too! The young generation tries to make their wedding ceremony livelier by adding their customized thoughts to it but every new step they take needs to be captured and has become history for their future. Wedding photos and videos are the ones that help in freezing that beautiful time frame.

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