How to choose the best wedding photographer

Your wedding photos will be your most cherished wedding treasures. When your photographer hands you the photos, you’ll want to share them right away, and you’ll look back at them 50 years later, reminiscing about your special day.

You’ll also want someone you trust and feel at ease with because he or she will be by your side throughout the wedding day. So we’ll see how to choose your best wedding photography service.

  1. Get Referrals

Today we have lots of ways to contact a person unlike the old days. While choosing a wedding photographer, contact your circle of friends or couples who got recently married, use social media sites like Instagram to find wedding photographers who resonate with your ideas and catch your attention with their style.

You might have liked wedding day pictures of your friends or relatives or someone you know, going with that wedding photographer as the first choice is the best option.

  • Pick your style

Before you decide to contact your photographer. Figure out the style of photography you like. When it comes to wedding photography there are lots of styles and not everyone will have the same portfolio.

At first glance, it may appear that all candid photographers shoot the same wedding candid shots! However, if you spend some time looking through the images, the differences will become clear. Some photographers excel at capturing movement, while others excel at capturing glances and emotions.

You must choose the one that best represents your personality and the tone of your wedding.

Everyone has their own preference of wedding photo album ideas for their special day and you must sit down and choose your style.

  • Review their works

A good wedding photographer’s work speaks to you directly, from the portfolio you can tell whether they are your wedding photography service.

The best wedding photographer’s are a brand and you can find their work everywhere like in their website, social media sites. They are always consistent in their work and you can see their latest photographs coming up in social media sites on a regular basis.

This regular update of theirs clearly explains that they are chosen by many couples for their big day as a trusted photographer.

  • See the reviews of customers

In this digital time, it is easy to hear about customer experiences. Take time to read reviews of the customers on their websites, internet sites or social media handles.

Each service provider will have a handful of reviews. Reading the reviews will help you understand the customer experience and ensure that you will have the same experience and that you will be satisfied.

Some customer experience will directly mention that a particular wedding photographer is the good choice. So take time to read those reviews.

  • Discuss your expectations

This is the important part of booking your wedding photographer. Most couples will want to book a wedding photographer but only few discuss what they expect. Now remember that you will be spending an entire wedding process with this wedding photographer, you need to make sure you feel comfortable while communicating with them.

For example: Some may expect a pre bridal shoot included in the package, some may not be given preference to that. Hence discussing and setting your clear expectation will be helpful for the photographer and yourself.

Most wedding couples do not have a clear idea of wedding shoots, a good wedding photographer makes it easy for them by understanding and suggesting and making changes according to their expectations and clear their queries as and when they are in doubt.

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  1. Schedule your wedding photographer for your big day

You cannot review every wedding photo being captured and that is why when you find that photographer who goes along with your ideas, understands your expectations and you get along nicely, without a second thought, schedule your wedding photographer for your big day with happiness and get the best wedding photo album to cherish for the upcoming years.


By now you would have already got an idea of how to choose your wedding photographer. If you’re still on the search. Get in touch with Arun Prasad Photography to book your slots, our team of wedding photographers have made 100+ weddings memorable.