Reasons Why Wedding Photography is getting More Popular in the Past Decade

Great people say that “All great changes are preceded by chaos” but certain things change not because of chaos rather because of growth. One standing example is photography.  As photography being a part of people’s life is because of the growth it had.

Especially nowadays Wedding Photography are taking turns to people’s liking. Generally photographs are liked by everyone as it is the only thing that gives rebirth to missing moments. Here are some reasons on why wedding photography is more popular in the past decade.

Unlike in the past, photographers now have access to a wide range of photography gear, tools, and equipment. Wedding photographers, as previously stated, go beyond the line, using equipment to obtain connecting photographs. These tools not only make their job easier and more comfortable for them, but they also help the couple have a more magical wedding day.

Anything creative work is possible with the new gears and equipments that are available in the market so wide range of creativity can be shown in the wedding photos using these gears.

  • Segments in Wedding Photography Industry

Unlike a few decades ago, the wedding industry is now a vast segment with various styles of wedding photography ranging from traditional to candid wedding photography, documentary to aerial wedding photography, pre wedding to post wedding photography, classic to fashion wedding photography, and so on.

Photography and have evolved into a cinematic term, telling the couple’s wedding story through photos and videos.

  • Unique style:

We can see a consistent pattern of wedding albums and photographs from the past. As time passes, wedding photography has evolved into concept shoots prior to marriage, recreating movie scenes with wedding couples, and now they are more creative, able to put in different elements of photography in a wedding photoshoot.

  • Cost is no more a barrier

Cost is no more a constraint for the couples to get their perfect wedding memories. To get the best memories of their wedding, they don’t mind paying any amount for hiring a professional photographer to capture the important event of their life. 

People are ready to pay the price for wedding photos and wedding albums but they expect the best wedding photographer for their wedding day.

  • Various types of shoots

Unlike in the past when only a few posed photos of newlywed couples were taken in a studio setting aside from the main event, the wedding photography industry now offers a variety of wedding shoots such as engagement shoots, pre-wedding shoots, indoor wedding photo shoots, outdoor wedding shoots, and so on.

Bride and the groom want to experiment with all the available creativity and make some fantastic wedding memories and store it in their wedding albums to cherish it for years to come.

  • Clients voice out their expectation

With the advancement in technology, introduction of new and various platforms, clients are well versed, they know exactly what they want.

Before the wedding photography sessions, some people sit and plan out what they expect and save some photoshoot ideas. They present their pre wedding shoot ideas to the photographer and get their desired wedding photos.

More than just the photographer and the team, the client also participates in the planning this makes the work more creative and the wedding photos come out in different style gaining more attention from others.

  • First work

When a couple receives their wedding dates, the first thing they do is start looking for vendors, and one of them is the wedding photographer. They seek out for the best wedding photography service that stands out, a completely unique style of photographers to capture their special day.

It is an important day for the couple, so they expect the wedding photographers to capture their day without any hassle. Even though they’re expensive people are ready to hire as they welcome their love life.


Having more reasons on why wedding photography has been limelight for the past decade is all because of this. To get your memorable wedding photos, get in touch with Arun Prasad Photography, wedding photographers in Chennai to make your wedding moments magical.

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