What is cinematic wedding photography ? why is it popular ?

Wedding photography is a creative field with many innovations happening over time. We have come a long way in wedding photography and it will keep changing as time passes and a new generation comes.

Modern young couples want that “something extra” to make their wedding day even more memorable. This is where wedding cinematography and wedding films come into play. Wedding cinematography is the hottest thing this wedding season, from dreamy music videos to the latest rom-com.

Likewise cinematic wedding photography is a new trend that couples hop into.

This is not a common wedding photography package but some couples prefer this in their wedding photoshoot.

Couples getting married today are much more aware of international trends and expect the same level of creativity and quality for themselves. The new wedding film style is much more intimate and personal, making it more relatable and relevant to them.

So what exactly cinematic wedding photography is;

Cinematic wedding photography has 2 types. 1 is to replicate movie scenes or create a new storyline and capture the wedding photoshoot.

This is a part of a pre-wedding photoshoot where pre-wedding shoots are well planned and executed almost like a script of a movie in exquisite locations. Ace wedding photographers follow a storyboard, which they develop after discussions and approval by the couple, using placards with love-filled messages and props to make still images interesting.

Making the storytelling more captivating for the customers and creating new styles of photos.

Cinematic wedding photography takes more of a storytelling approach than a normal pre wedding shoot with the customer approval and takes time to plan this out with locations, stories and different other aspects to give the wedding photoshoot a cinematic style.

When a new trend emerges, everyone likes to try it out, and some people love having photos and want to get good photos of their big day, so they opt for this. People are becoming more interested in social media as it grows in popularity.


Cinematic wedding photography is a way of storytelling in a more beautiful way making the wedding photoshoot session more interesting.

There is nothing that one is better than another style, but the taste of couples differ. Hence they explore more styles to make their wedding albums more special.

Meta Description

Cinematic wedding photography is a way of storytelling than a normal pre wedding shoot.