How to find your wedding photographer ?

Time for the wedding, its start to plan and get busy, it is important to not to forget every single thing on that list of yours.

Do you know this ? Nearly 90% of the couple do not know how to find a wedding photographer, sometimes they end up with the wrong wedding photographer who does not understand their preferences. This one is to help you find your wedding photographer easily.

Here are a few ways to do it.

  • Know your style

Before you begin to search for a wedding photographer, sit and understand what kind of style is needed for your wedding photos. Wedding photography is not only about shooting weddings, but it also has more than that. Starting from pre wedding photography to post wedding photography.

Consult with your partner and decide whether you want a traditional wedding photography, or a destination wedding photography, etc. By doing this you will know what kind of wedding photographer you will require and the search becomes easy to narrow down to the best wedding photographer.

  • References

One of the oldest and the best methods of finding your wedding photographer is by enquiring with people who recently hired a wedding photographer. Experience of clients tells whether a wedding photographer is best in the industry or not.

Enquire with people who have recently got married and hired a professional wedding photographer. Upto 6-8 months you can stretch the timeline. Enquiring a couple who got married a year back or two will not work out, as the wedding photography industry is fast evolving.

Make sure they are professional wedding photographers, because some couples may prefer close friends or photographers, do not fall for it. Check if they are professionals with a proper portfolio.

  • Social Media:

Social media is dominating the world and obviously most of you use social media in daily life. All the information you need is available there. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook can show you the best wedding photographer in your locality. All these being a photo sharing platform, it becomes easy to see their work with a few swipes and get the deal done immediately.

Social media makes it easy for you to find the best wedding photographer and you need not spend days to find a wedding photographer.

  • Portfolio speaks

Want to know whether a wedding photographer is professional ? Take a look into the proftilios, each shot, angles, lighting. These details will tell whether a photographer is professional or not. Sometimes more than a website you need a portfolio to find the best.

Trusting a wedding photographer without a portfolio is risking. Your wedding happens only once, do your best homework and find a good wedding photographer.

  • Read Reviews

Want more proof ? A good review cannot go wrong. Most of the reviews will be of a story and it can be the best to understand a photographer. A strong wedding photographer’s business is sure to have a strong review section. Take time to read.


Hope you find this information useful. Make it a point to spend some time to find the best wedding photographer. Speaking of professionals ? Get in touch with Arun Prasad Photography, the team has experience working in 100+ weddings.

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