Reasons why you should focus more on marriage than wedding

Marriage life is indeed a blessing and needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. With all the emphasis on a wedding being the best day of one’s life, it’s no wonder many of you feel pressured to live up to the hype. Here are the reasons why you should stay focused.

  • Your wedding vows are for your future, not just present

The day you are getting married, you are vowing for your future. You are promising to stick together during the best and the worst timings, through sickness and in health, this means you are committing to your future more than your present. You may have the best wedding ceremony ever but people will only remember your marriage life than the wedding day.

  • Marriage is not a one day commitment

You are committing to build a future together, these vows are not just words, they are guidelines to shape your relationship over the years. Weddings are a one day ceremony where people gather to bless you for your new start, marriage is forever. You need to live up to the expectation of your partner. You need not prove your commitment to others, but you must prove it to your better half, who trusted you and have made plans to start a new life with you.

  • Weddings are practice for planning big moments together

Don’t get carried away. Make your wedding memorable in a way that feels special to you and your partner but let go of the desire to impress others. Instead, focus on what matters to the two of you. And regardless of the details you decide upon, consider the relationship skills you’re building by planning a wedding like learning how to communicate better, budget appropriately, make joint decisions, compromise, listen to one another, etc. Take your wedding as a chance to learn how to work together as a team day-in and day-out.

  • You will have many best days of your life.

If you think your wedding day is the best day of your life and you need to be perfect on that day, No. You are wrong. Down the road, you will have many best days, some days will be planned and some unplanned. Consider your wedding day as the start to the many best days that lie ahead in life. Aim for a marriage that is beautiful as your wedding ceremony.


Well we have come to the end of the article, after reading this focus more on your marriage than your wedding. Wishing you a Happy Married Life.

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