Popular Wedding Trends 2021: Informal Weddings

Weddings are a special occasion for everyone, and it is a day to be remembered by the wedding couple. Planning for a wedding is a huge task and it involves lots of work, but with the pandemic happening and changing the lifestyle, more couples now opt for informal weddings.

Informal Weddings? What is that?

Informal weddings are a relaxed approach to weddings. No more big plans, big checklists, reservations, etc. But a non-traditional approach of celebration, with a simple meal or refreshments at the reception and features fewer than 50 guests. Weddings are becoming a more personalized affair with elements that reflect the taste and style of the couple. Every couple prefers having a wedding the way they like it.

Couples opt for their homes, farmhouses, and dream destination to get married where they get less to no stress. The formal wedding involves high rituals but this requires only a venue and a handful of well-known guests who wish the couple a blessed married life.

With the pandemic striking in, couples are eager to explore the wedding world, and they can decide the venue, the wedding photographer, the guests, and everything for their wedding.

More wedding couples are inviting the idea of informal weddings as it is budget-friendly, more fun and they can enjoy their special day without much stress.

Photographers play a crucial role in informal weddings, wedding couples want to hire the best wedding photography services for their wedding as these types of weddings are less of rituals and more of celebrations.

Informal wedding photographs fill up social media because people expect more photographs of them celebrating their happy day. These weddings are planned either in the daytime or an evening but mostly on weekends when everyone gets to enjoy their time.

How to make the wedding a complete celebration?

  • Plan in advance for a time to enjoy chatting with your guests after the ceremony so that you and your guests don’t feel rushed before the reception. Plus, this the perfect opportunity to get some informal candid portraits without turning your day into a photoshoot.
  • Hire a wedding photographer who gets your vibe and fits with the way you want your wedding day to be captured.
  • Delegate each task to the respective person and enjoy your day.
  • Choose the venue of your choice, your home, or some destination and decorate to give your venue a special wedding atmosphere.
  • Informal weddings are celebrations, hence carefully choose your guest list who celebrate with you happily on your special day.


We hope that you find this useful. Weddings are truly a day to remember in one’s life, so you need to store that in memories for decades to come. Arun Prasad Photography brand expertise in wedding photography has been making weddings more special. Get the best wedding photographers in chennai for your weddings.

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