Wedding Trends 2021- Extended Wedding Celebration

You might have noticed that the majority of weddings take place during the weekends.

Why is that?

Wedding day flies away so fast starting from ceremonies and ending up tying the knot and before you know the day is over.

Wedding day is a special day in everyone’s life. Doesn’t it need to be celebrated?

Weddings have become a festival that is celebrated by the family and now the couples expect to celebrate their special day by not limiting it to a single day.

  • Pre Wedding Celebration

Throwing a pre-wedding party is a common occasion. No matter how formal your wedding will be, a welcome party can be casual, relaxed, and fun. During the wedding day, you will not be able to meet your close ones as ceremonies and rituals will keep you occupied. Many weddings have adopted this method as a way of welcoming everyone to the wedding.

  • Ritual Celebration

In some cultures, a ritual is treated as a separate wedding celebration. You can see in a traditional Jain traditional wedding a “mehndi function”. You can see this ritual happening almost in every part of Northern India.

If you travel South of India, you can witness the “Haldi ceremony” in Kannada traditional weddings. Hence people like to turn their ritual into a celebration to make the wedding a happier occasion.

  • Post Wedding Celebration

After the big wedding day, everyone will be tired and it is not possible to meet all the guests and for the couples, it is a new start to their wedding. Post Wedding celebration is held only for near and dear ones. This celebration is more or like a micro wedding with the only minimum of guests.

The newlywed couple wants to spend time with their loved ones before they start their journey. This can be close friends, cousins, family members. Post-wedding day, a day or two is specially dedicated to spending time together.

Celebration is a quality time together not a regular singing-dancing party. You can experience the best times in the post-wedding celebration time.


Weddings have come a long way since we know it. Weddings are not only important to the newlyweds but also for the entire family, friends. So people have started sharing their special day with their loved ones.

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